If the only way to do great work is to love what you do, then San Juan Pools has the best product in the Cape. Just a few minutes after meeting this team of pool designers and builders, it’s easy to see they are not only committed to their customers, but to each other as well. Discussion flows effortlessly as they speak with pride about their work. Laughter abounds as they tease each other like most large families, because that’s what the San Juan team is- a family.

“We have a unique chemistry here,” said owner and field operator Dave Schwandt. “I’ve worked with a lot of people in my life, but we have something special.”

This chemistry among co-workers translates into strong work ethic, with customer service ranking as their number one priority and specialty that sets them above the rest. This unique care and attention to detail has allowed the company to grow to about 15 employees, including the Schwandts and their son, Cody, as well as two former customers, Kris and Diane Krick.

“I told him (Schwandt) it would be a big mistake if he didn’t hire me,” joked Kris, who strongly believes in custom design and care for each customer.

“Where I come from, you only have one chance to make a first impression,” said Kris. “We have to ask the right questions and make sure we know our customers and what they want.”

Schwandt, who said he and Kris often “finish each other’s sentences,” agrees, joking, “When I meet a customer, I have to ask, are you a soaker, floater, or lapper?”

Just a few of the options offered to San Juan customers gives them the opportunity to go from a basic pool to a resort style retreat. From spas, waterfalls, tanning ledges, bubble features, salt chlorination, auto-fill, and many other features, San Juan has something for everyone.

“We don’t take shortcuts. When you design a pool with us, I call it, ‘You’ve been San Juaned,’” said Kris. “Once you have our pool, it’s always going to be our pool. We just let you use it. That’s how much we care about our pools.”

If you are ready to create your backyard paradise, call San Juan Pools Inc. at 239.945.1144 or email


When David Schwein moved to Cape Coral in August, his grandchildren didn’t visit as much as they do now. What changed? Schwein put in a pool.

The five-month resident jokes about the frequency of these visits, but is clearly pleased. He is also beyond pleased with his beautiful private oasis, complete with a tanning ledge, bubblers, and a waterfall.

“I really shopped around, but in the end decided on San Juan Pools,” said Schwein. “They did an absolutely excellent job and took care of everything.”

What impressed Schwein the most was the commitment and knowledge of the staff and quality of the pool equipment. He pointed out how well the team worked together in helping him achieve his backyard dream.

As far as seeing his grandchildren, Schwein jokes, “I guess Cape Coral is not as far away as it used to be.”

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